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What Separates The Average from the GREAT?

What is the difference between average and great… top salespeople produce 2 times more than average producers and 5 times more than bottom producers. Most businesses succumb to the fact that 20% of their team will produce 80% of the results, but what if that wasn’t the case. What if you could actually begin shifting more of your bottom performers to the middle and more of the middle to the top? Success and greatness do not lie solely in natural ability, they are the cause of developed ability, followed up with daily disciplines that all of the greats exercise.

In the Top Traits of Great Salespeople the mystery of the traits and habits of the most successful people are uncovered and mapped out for duplication. Ask any athlete or peak performer and you will find that their success does not just show up on game day or in the board room, it is the result of the relentless refinement of their craft, the network of the people they keep the closest, the continuous investments they make in education and a myriad of other things. The Tiger Sales Training lays out the road map for a professional at ANY stage of their career to escalate their game to a whole new level!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this powerful new program…


The single biggest reason why most salespeople stay stuck, frustrated, and barely make ends meet. It all comes down to one single habit you probably don’t even realize you have. Here’s what it is and what you can do to change your career (and your fortunes) almost overnight.


3 deadly sins almost all salespeople make that robs them of their income, reduces their ability to get more prospects, and more. Eradicate these three things for a higher income, more prospects, and to climb the ladder to success in any company.


The 3 R’s of world-class salespeople and how they get that way. Put this proven system to work in your life and watch your sales career take off. Very few people know this but it’s one of the true keys to becoming a superstar salesperson.


How the ancient wisdom from philosopher Lao Tzu can give you an unexpected boost in your sales career. This simple yet devastatingly powerful wisdom can instantly boost your ability to sell more, more often, to even the toughest prospects.


The #1 rule almost ALL salespeople violate that makes prospects distrust them and avoid buying – even if the product is something they want! Has nothing to do with sales tactics or anything else you can think of. Fix this one problem and you’ll never struggle to sell even high-ticket products and services with almost ease.


What top closers do that mediocre closers DON’T do. Simple 9 word secret that can double or even triple your closing rate overnight. It’s a simple distinction all the top closers make…and you can, too.


How to put the power of conviction into your sales process to sell, convince, and persuade. Three ways to ramp up the power and force of your sales pitches before your next sales appointment.


Why chasing money as a salesperson is the WORST thing you can do. And how focusing on this one other factor can actually make you more money than you could ever hope for.


Salesperson mastery scale. How to tell where you are in your sales career…and how to use this little-known scale to take your skills, knowledge, and your career and income to the next level.


How legendary boxer Jack Dempsey’s secret to beating the most feared opponents can help you become a sales superstar. Follow this one piece of advice and you’ll excel in even the toughest sales environments.


Sell more better, faster, and easier by tapping into your prospects 4 biggest fears. Here’s what these 4 fears are…and how to weave them into every sales opportunity for incredible results.


The one simple question you should ask yourself every day to keep your sales flying high. Yet most salespeople never even consider it…and it’s costing them BIG. It motivates you the moment you wake up, fuels your drive even if things get tough, and creates clarity that drives you forward to achieve your goals.


One hour a day to sales mastery? Yes! This is a trick all the best closers in the world use. And it’s something struggling salespeople NEVER do.


Founder of 1-800 flowers Jim McCann’s three-word secret that took his company to the dominant place in the market. And it works equally as well – or better – for any salesperson who wants to sell more, more often.


7 magically effective ways to sell more products and services TODAY. Yes, today. And it has nothing to do with selling, finding more prospects, or other "grunt" work. In fact, it’s so surprising to people, they’ll actually ASK to buy more from you!


Type of food that helps you sell more, gives you greater mental energy, and helps you boost the power and effectiveness of your sales presentations! Yes, FOOD. Here’s what it is…and why it works so well. Amazing, but true.


The 5 daily essentials that turned me into a sales superstar. One was to drink more tea! Yes, tea. Here’s why…plus the other four secrets I used that changed my sales career.


The type of drink famous singers use to power up their voice and vocal cords. And how it can help you deliver more piercing, more powerful, and more memorable sales presentations.


The breathing technique that boosts the power of your voice. Powerful tool for capturing and holding people’s undivided attention. Result: more sales.


Sell more by speaking less? Yes. Here’s when this works best. Plus another proven technique that helps your selling voice that actually requires you to avoid speaking altogether!


Sell more by speaking with your face! This is an almost unheard-of technique that works like magic to boost any sales presentation. Hint: it’s got nothing to do with using facial expressions as a selling tool.


What every world-class salesperson DEMANDS in their career that other salespeople never ask for or even consider. Forget ninja sales techniques and strategies, this one thing trumps them all. And it’s the single fastest way to take everything you know about selling and turn it into a ton of money.


What Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Phelps all have in common that made them the greatest sportsmen in the world. And how to take this one sliver of knowledge to become the top performing (and earning) salesperson in any sales environment.


How to instil that RELENTLESS drive within you for massive sales success. Even if your sales career sucks right now and you feel hopeless and unmotivated. Just ask yourself (and answer) these four critical questions and watch your success levels soar.


How to take every powerful sales tactic and turn it into a powerful, successful, highly repeatable system that almost never fails! All great salespeople follow a system to maintain focus, clarity, certainty, and unrelenting success. Here’s how you can do it, too.


How to destroy any prospects “I’ll think about it” mindset and objection. It’s one of the simplest objections to overcome every time. Yet, most salespeople shudder at these words. Here’s how to welcome that objection and duly destroy it.


The amazing sales technique hidden in The Phantom of the Opera play! When you approach sales like this, your presentation pop with power, never go off track or lose focus, and always deliver your most powerful sales presentation every time.


The amazing “can it and clone it” secret for keeping your sales levels consistently high. Say goodbye to losing sales and up-and-down sales numbers.


How to make sure your sales presentation doesn’t sound scripted. It’s the biggest tip-off to any prospect that you’re an amateur. Easiest way to avoid sounding “scripted,” and make your presentation flow powerfully, naturally, and effectively.


Why you should always encourage your sales prospects to say NO to you – even if it means losing the sale! It’s totally counterintuitive but it’s a sure-fire way to having the best sales career you can imagine.


The only four choices any prospect has. And how to effectively and powerful close off these exits of escape to make your prospect EXCITED to buy from you. This one is a real gem.


5 powerful ways to drag yourself out of a sales slump. Even the best get this, but if you follow these five secrets you’ll come out of any sales slump roaring every time – and sell more than you ever have done before. These alone are sales career savers!


How to harness the power of “pattern interrupts” to sell much more effectively. This age-old tactic literally never fails…IF you know how to use it the right way. I’ll show you how.


How to master a brand new sales script in just a few hours…and make it sound like you’ve used it for years. Just follow this simple tactic and you’ll pick up any script and be a pro in no time flat.


Secret confidence techniques of the best salespeople on the planet. Even if you’re confidence is shot, these quick and simple techniques will put you right back to the top of your game.


And so much more!

As you can see, The Tiger Sales Training is packed full of powerful ways, techniques, and secrets that can help you go from struggling or average in sales, to a top-performing salesperson in the time it takes to go through this new program.These are the sales techniques and strategies I have used in my career to sell more, sell more effectively, rise to the top of the sales charts, and ultimately, become the best salesperson I could be.I’ve studied many of the leading salespeople in different industries. I’ve studied what I did during my sales career that had the most impact for the least amount of time. And I’ve put it all together into this ground-breaking program.If your goal is to make the whole sales process more effective, more consistent, more predictable, and to ultimately, rise to the top and demand the income a top-performing salesperson demands (and gets), then The Tiger Sales Training is the only program you’ll need and the last one you’ll ever invest in.The secrets and strategies are that powerful and that effective.

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