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Tiger Sales is a performance outbound agency that moves fast & break things like sales records, plateaus, and your competitors’ hearts. The only thing we don’t break? Our promises and the bank. We have more success stories than other agencies have clients. We help scrappy startups to massive brands, from straightforward products to ultra-complex services. Check out some of the 600+ clients wins we’ve published.


“I'm a big fan of Tiger Sales! We hired Philip Jansen from the program back in July, and he averaged 250% of quota before receiving the fastest promotion of any SDR in company history after only 4 months crushing his role.”

Anna Olson 

/Director of Sales Development, Drift


“Big Tiger Sales Company fan here already. Met so many amazing people during the first process.”

Emma Stewart
Head of Business Development, Simplr


“Samson Tibebe is the truth. With the 100+ SDR's we've hired over the past 6 months, it's rare that a name stands out... much less associated with high-quality work, attitude, and opportunities created. Excellent work, Samson Tibebe - we're lucky to have you. Your future is bright. Sky's the limit.”

Julie Moore
Director of Client Revenue Strategy, Seamless.ai

Let's face it… predictable growth wouldn't describe your business.

You run a business. You are not a sales person or sales leader.

Thus, why should you know how to build a predictable & sustainable sales operation? 

You shouldn't.

You are excellent at your craft—let us be excellent at ours.

You're likely one of the following:

…A Business Owner where the founder/CEO is stuck selling.

…A Business Owner dependent on referrals, word-of-mouth, and channel partners.

…A Business Owner who has hired (or is hiring) salespeople and has had a miserable experience making them successful.

…A Business Owner who is having success with a salesperson or two but have no idea why—meaning you can't replicate it or you run the risk of them leaving you, and therefore leaving you with nothing.

…A Business Owner who has hit your invisible ceiling and you realize “what got me here, won't get me there.”

We get it.

But when are you going to take the action that needs to be made to change that?

You can keep scrolling or you can go ahead and book the call. 


We help businesses unlock growth through sales by focusing on one thing—building a well-oiled, highly efficient, and profitable sales operation that enables you to focus on what you're good at… leading your business and sharpening your craft while we do the work of building.

We Build Your Sales Operation— What is that?

If you were to hire a badass VP of Sales to come build out your sales operation, they would be building 3 main pillars into your business: Sales Processes, Sales People, and Sales Enablement.

The problem is that'll cost you an arm and a leg, 18-months of your time, and you'll run the risk of hiring someone who has likely never built a full-blown sales operation (maybe they've done it once)—let alone for an a business like yours.

We've built over 300 of them and we'll build yours.

Commission Based Sales 

The holy grail of sales is a SUSTAINABLE commission-based operation.

What could be better than something that makes you money for free, and without putting a dent in cash-flow?

If you have a 2k to 50k offer or product.

I'll 100% fund sales campaigns, qualify + close the leads.

No retainers or up front costs.

book a call lets work together

Outbound Agency

Frameworks, systems, guardrails. When architected correctly, sales process allows you to achieve predictable outcomes that you can repeat, duplicate, delegate, and scale. WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHEN to do it are vital for a healthy sales operation. A lack of process is the #1 reason a sales rep will fail when thrown into a sales position.

We architect and build all of your sales processes for you.

Creates repeatable outcomes.

Allows for easier delegation.

Enables scale.

Sales Training

We train sale teams on Smart Selling, Cold email, Cold Calling, Cold Texting and Using all social media platforms to win customers that otherwise never would of known about your amazing products and services. We then track how many touch points it takes to go from 0 to 1. Once we know the numbers we can scale your businesses to the moon.


5⭐ reviews

Patrica Martins

Co-founder & CEO, SalesGigs

“It’s been an excellent partnership… I get trained people in my inbox who know what we’re looking to do and the impact we make in the market. And I can quickly put them into a role and coach, train and develop them faster than others to success. That’s a win every single day.”

George Nevis

Director of Sales, Entaras

“I love hiring with Tiger Sales, the process is seamless, genius and easy!”

Clara Parker

Founder & CEO, Product Gym

“We actually hired our second person, and that gentleman has worked out very well for us as well. We’ve seen a sales increase of about an extra 70% since we’ve onboarded our second salesperson.”

John Simon

Director of Sales & Marketing, Shopventory

“I hear James behind me rocking it on the phones. Happy to have him on the team."